Nothing pleases me more than to capture beautiful images of your family, your pets, or your horses in a way that captures their unique essence and spirit. I want to tell a story through my images and I would love to work with you to achieve dreamy photographic memories of your life and those you love.

I live in Houston and Chappell Hill, Texas. I am married to photographer and writer Christopher Woods. We are crazy about animals...all kinds. I own a Gypsy Sport horse, named Rain, a Great Pyrenees therapy dog named Teddy, and a talking cockatiel named Skybaby. Rain is an unexpected miracle in my life. She is my "color purple." I am training her with the help of Rebecca Gillman, Magic Gypsy Ranch's very talented trainer. It's clear that I am addicted to horses. I will spend hours in a field waiting for them to do something that captures relationships between them, a special look in the eye, action, and beautiful liberty shots. And of course the light is everything. I began my serious efforts to become an equestrian photographer in 2007 while battling cancer. Being around horses helped me to balance my life and focus on beauty and grace rather than what I was going through. At that time I joined (and am still a member of ) Equestrian Photographer's network. I have experience in shooting cross country and dressage as well as show photography, conformation and advertising photography. To me, photography captures the meaning and beauty of life and joy! I would love to be your family's photographer!

I owe a debt of gratitude to Mort and Valorie Curtis of Magic Gypsy Ranch for allowing me to use their gorgeous Gypsy Vanner horses as my training ground and playground. Photographing and being around their horses is one of my greatest joys in life. I have created countless photographs for them on their facebook pages and their website. Check out more about their horses on their website:
and their facebook page:!/Papa.Mort.Curtis

My own facebook page for photography is:

For pricing information please email me at We will come up with plan that fits the details of your dream shoot.